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October 2018 – Jason Koch

October 2018 - Jason Koch That beautiful truck you see on the cover and in this article belongs to Jason Koch of Diamond City Alberta which is about 10 miles north of Lethbridge. This is his story: I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and I am a 2nd generation trucker. My Dad and my greatest mentor Ron Koch was an independent owner-operator in the late 70's and early 80's. [...]

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September 2018 – Jonathan Jones

September 2018 - Jonathan Jones Our September Rig of the Month is Jonathan Jones who was born in Meriden, a small village in England and immigrated to Canada in July 2004. Jonathan got his Class 3 licence while in the Army and his Class 1 shortly after leaving the military. He now runs under his own authority and resides in Nanoose Bay, on Vancouver Island. This is his story: [...]

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July 2018 – Donna and Mike Murchison

July 2018 – Donna and Mike Murchison There have only been a couple times in the past that we have had the opportunity to have husband and wife team drivers as our Rig of the Month and they have always had great stories. This one is no different. Our July Rig of the Month drivers are Donna and Mike Murchison. Donna’s story: I have had quite a diverse working [...]

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June 2018 – Cynthia Tobin

June 2018 - Cynthia Tobin In the middle of a March snowstorm I entered this world in the bunk of an early 60’s Peterbilt. Born to a trucker who picked up a young pregnant teen about to burst, and then married her after we were born. It was somewhere outside Toronto I made my entrance into this world following my twin brother. So I don’t know if this early [...]

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May 2018 – Leon Gano

May 2018 - Leon Gano Rig of the Month by: By Greg Evasiuk Photo’s by: Leon Gano In trying to find our rig of the month for May I was having coffee with my friend Leon and he was trying to help by going over all of the characters we know and have known in the patch. As he told me yet another story about rig moving it dawned [...]

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