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September 2017 – Kylee Laird

September 2017 - Kylee Laird I received a phone call a while back from Kylee Laird, who wanted to donate a painting to Alberta Big Rig Weekend to raise money for Military Minds’, “Rolling Barrage.” The painting is 48”x 26” and was painted from a winning picture of the contest she held on her website for night shots of lighted trucks. The accomplished artist who did the painting is [...]

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July 2017 – Aaron Lewis

July 2017 - Aaron Lewis Our July 2017 Rig of the Month driver is Aaron Lewis. He is originally from Merthyr Tydfil, a small mining town in south Wales, UK. He has been in Canada since January of 2013 and now lives in Surrey BC. Growing up in a small town was as how you can imagine, everyone knew everyone and we looked out for each other. We would [...]

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June 2017 – Trevor Block

Trevor Block - June 2017 The story of Truk “R” Trev: Trevor Block’s life began in April of 1973 in Edson, AB. He lived there for 7 years with his parents Barb and Cricket and his younger sister Tammy. In 1980 the family moved to Abbotsford, BC where they still live  today. This is Trevor’s story: My Mom, Barb, says that I was born with diesel in my blood as I [...]

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May 2017 – Rick Evasiuk

May 2017 - Rick Evasiuk We have profiled over 150 Rig of the Month drivers over the last 18 years but this is the first one that has been done without the knowledge of the driver. It is going out as a birthday present to Rick Evasiuk from his son Greg. Here is Rick’s story as related by Greg. Happy Birthday Rick! This is the story of the man [...]

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April 2017 – Aaron Perreault

Ed Wurz - February 2017 My name is Aaron Perreault, and I grew up just south of Stony Plain, Alberta. My mother, Brenda, was a single mom to my younger sister Amy and me. When I was 10 years old our stepdad died so those early years weren’t easy for her. I attended Graminia School through my younger years and then went on to High School in Spruce Grove. During [...]

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