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The Pro-Trucker Family

John White
John WhiteEditor and Sales
Donna White
Donna WhiteAdministration/Special Events

The Pro-Trucker Magazine Team Members

Ben Proudley
Ben ProudleyPhotographer, Contributing Writer
Ben has been a Class 1 driver for 20+ years. He started out driving wreckers and currently operates a tri-drive crane truck for United Rantals Trench Safety. Ben was our Rig of the Month in March of 2008
Dave Madill
Dave MadillContributing Writer
Dave Madill was Pro-Trucker Magazine’s Rig of the Month in June of 2001 and he has been entertaining us with his poetry ever since. Dave has published three books of poems that are available by special order through Chapters Book Stores or
Colin Black
Colin BlackContributing Writer
Colin Black lives in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland and has been driving truck for over 40 years. His story shows us once again that the problems drivers face are universal.
Ed Murdoch
Ed MurdochContributing Writer
Ed has held a commercial drivers license for 65 years and has spent the better part of 50 years on the road. You can get Ed’s new book at
Scott Casey
Scott CaseyContributing Writer
Scott, our Rig of The Month for May 2003 has written “Ghostkeepers” a book about his years as a gun toting truck driver while serving as a Canadian Peacekeeper in the former Yugoslavia.
Greg Evasiuk
Greg EvasiukContributing Writer
Greg is a third generation trucker with over a million miles and 20 plus years in trucking. He now sells trucks for Nortrux.
David Benjatschek
David BenjatschekPhotographer
Dennis Sova
Dennis Sova
Myrna Chartrand
Myrna Chartrand
Dave Elniski
Dave Elniski