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January-February 2022 – Norris Fedato

January-February 2022 - When driver Norris Fedato was two months old, he was taken in by his grandparents, who lived in Bralorne, BC. Bralorne, at that time, was a bustling mining town of about 3,000 that serviced the Bralorne and Pioneer mines. The town was about as remote as any place in Southern BC. The only way in and out was over treacherous Mission Mountain to the rail [...]

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November-December 2021 – Robert Pigeau

November-December 2021 - I called Scott Casey to see if he could recommend a veteran driver for our November/December Rig of the Month. He introduced me to Robert Pigeau, and I am glad he did. I have spoken to many recruiters, and those I have talked to over the years all seem to agree that veterans make great truck drivers because of their military training, to take direction [...]

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September-October 2021 – Trent Lalonde

September-October 2021 - Driving truck was something I decided to do for one year as an adventure. That was 28 years ago. However, the adventures have never ended. I stumbled into trucking. In my 20’s I was working construction and often found myself unemployed. My parents had a few trucks hauling logs, so I got my license and started driving for them between construction jobs. My mother had [...]

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July-August 2021 – Tylor Rogers

July-August 2021 - After high school, I came back to the farm and got my license to haul grain. That’s when I really got bit by the trucking bug. Shortly after getting my license, I got a job working as a driver in the oilfield in a brand new 2008 Peterbilt, 379 long hood flat top with an ISX Cummins. I learned a lot from my first boss Tim [...]

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May-June 2021 – Sean Leatherland

May-June 2021 - My name is Sean Leatherland, and I was born in 1969 in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. I have been interested in trucks and trucking for as long as I can remember. The main reason is I grew up around trucks. I am a third-generation driver as both my father and grandfather were in the transportation business. Dad had his own small road transport company. When I first [...]

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